Successful Digital Publishing with PressMatrix

Digital Publishing – here’s how it works

Our Software as a Service platform is based on a system of modular applications. It provides everything you need for success in the mobile world: a time-saving, cost-efficient introduction, intuitive handling and ongoing upgrades. The Editorial Section and the App Builder transform your PDFs into a multimedia reading-experience. Your individually tailored app contains all the necessary components to support your sales, marketing and controlling.

Native App

Our app solution is compatible with all standard mobile operating systems – iOS, Android and Amazon Fire OS – and is made available in all app stores. This means that your publications are present on all platforms. Multiple functions, such as Text Mode, Social Sharing, Google Maps, or Text to Speech offer your readers maximum reading comfort. With our app your readers have constant access to current editions as well as to your entire publications archive.


The Browserclient guarantees an optimal view of your publication online with no necessary downloading. You can apply your design to the Browserclient and integrate it into your website via link or iFrame.


With our Workbench your digital editions and apps are created directly on your computer. The editorial section contains everything you need to enhance your publications, manage your subscriptions, and configure payment methods. Use the App Builder to define the applications and functions of your app and to customize the design.


Offer your print subscribers access to your digital product via codes – set the subscription period yourself. Its your decision, too, whether the distribution runs through the app stores or via other, independent distribution channels. One size doesn’t fit all? Use the codes to restrict certain content to a selected audience, such as employees, business customers, or premium customers.

Promotion manager

Zones for ad banners and ad campaigns can be directly integrated into the app and the browser client. Customized adverts inform the reader of your offers, products and services or draw their attention to special editions, upcoming issues and categories. Additional up-selling opportunities are provided through direct links to subscription shops, app stores, websites and similar resources.


Highlights are ad banners with eye-catching images to draw your app users attention to specific titles, themes and categories. Use our automatic Highlights design, based on your magazine covers, or simply create your own Highlights. You choose how many Highlights are visible on smartphone or tablet and which titles should be displayed. If, for instance, you publish several titles in your Kiosk-App (Mixed Kiosk) you can promote these simultaneously with Highlights. Our Highlights can also be used as a navigation aid within the app.

Push notifications

Send your readers a short message via app to inform them of newly published editions or to draw their attention to cover features and special editions. Incidentally, Push Notifications also increase the apps visibility and usage frequency.

Reporting Basic & Pro

The Workbench provides statistics on the number of downloads, sales, and app users. Reporting Pro provides additional usage data which can be used to optimise your digital offer – benefit from an overview of the Top 20 pages of your publication, an internet audience metric (IVW figures) and data on readers viewing time.


TThe function Multicategories allows you to sort your publications and content according to title, topic, language, currency and optional further categories which you define yourself. The result is a user-friendly navigation and orientation system that guides readers through your publication to the content that interests them most.

Text to speech

Be heard! Have the app read your texts aloud with our Text to Speech function. In activated Text Mode the texts in your publications can be automatically read out and will be played directly on the users device.

Article publishing

ReadMatrix is the perfect complement to your PressMatrix app. Use our Publishing-Manager-Software to create individual pieces of content such as articles, blog-posts or news updates, and publish these across multiple media platforms, directly in your app and on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. The individual content is automatically adapted to the particular requirements of each publishing platform. You thereby increase app usage and expand your digital presence.

The server-side search function allows readers to browse through current and archived editions. When the reader enters a search term, they are not only directed to relevant articles in previously purchased editions, but also see the hits across the whole range of publications. Thus archived editions can generated additional turnover with no extra cost or effort on your part.

Service & Help

Our service includes all future app updates and the management of your App Store accounts. Additionally, we support you in the creation and the live aisle of the app and are available for questions by e-mail or telephone. For more help, watch the video tutorials in our Help Center.

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