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Article Publishing with ReadMatrix

Content management software that you can count on

With ReadMatrix, our efficient SaaS solution, you can publish articles exactly where you want them – on social media and in your PressMatrix app. Increase interactivity in your app and keep in touch with your customers between issues. Expand your digital reach with well-positioned content available 24/7.

Optimized Article Publishing

Real-time usage data is a direct measure of how successful your articles are and allows you to continually optimize your publishing strategies. Comments, shares and likes provide additional insight and tell you which articles are performing well, and on which platforms. You can be sure that your readers are always getting the best content.

Generating digital sales

Employ additional distribution channels to find new readers and expand your reach. Or use different channels for targeted advertising and make your readers aware of your publications and products. Individual articles also help generate potential leads.

PressMatrix and ReadMatrix – a terrific twosome

Use ReadMatrix to publish singlel articles in your PressMatrix app and reach your readers between issues. Keep your readers posted with the latest news and give them a taste of what’s to come. Magazine downloads will go up and so will usage of your app. Publish individual articles to convince potential customers of your expertise and gain new readers.

Mobile story telling made easy

Integrate your articles directly into your readers’ news feeds and become part of their daily reading routines. With ReadMatrix, you can publish multimedia stories as Facebook Instant Articles, integrate longer articles in your tweets, and create your own RSS feeds. And by publishing content simultaneously on all channels, you’ll even save time.

Digital Publishing channels at a glance:

PressMatrix app and Browserclient

Magazine and news in a single app: expand your app with a custom article feed that is perfectly integrated into the look and feel of your app. This allows you to reach your readers between issues and increase usage of your app.


Strengthen your presence on Facebook using Instant Articles: your articles are loaded within seconds and offer space for targeted ads. Shares and comments generate additional traffic and provide valuable feedback.


Offer your readers articles with detailed content that goes beyond the 140-character limit. Profit from the channel’s speed and high interactivity potential to raise awareness of your brands and content. It’s an easy way to reach many new readers and influencers.


RSS feed: the classic news ticker. Provide loyal readers with the latest on new products and topics in a format that can be accessed anytime, independently of all other channels. Simply integrate your RSS feed into your website.