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Ensure your content makes an impact anytime and anywhere with a native app from PressMatrix. Our digital publishing platform allows you to transform your publication into a digital and multimedia experience for your readers, whether it be a E-publication, a print magazine or customer documents. Our White Label solution enables you to apply a corporate design to your app which will be available for use in all standard app stores and online.

How to benefit from our publishing solution

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Enthuse your customers

Add multimedia elements to your digital publications – bring them to life and increase their added value. In doing this, you will attract readers’ attention and establish a stronger connection with potential customers.

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Perfect compatibility

A solution for all systems: iOS, Android, Amazon, browsers, online or offline. Your publications will be presented to maximum effect on smartphones and tablets and will be available to customers anytime and anywhere.

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Increased turnover

Make it easy for customers to take out digital subscriptions and make purchases via your app using standard payment systems, or generate turnover by using additional display surfaces. Push notifications mean that you can contact the reader directly and so increase customers’ use of the app.

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Optimised publishing

Our publishing solution enables you to adjust your digital strategy in a cost-efficient and profitable manner: You thereby open up new sales channels, widen your commercial reach and gain new customers. The comprehensive statistics allow you to directly measure your success.




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